Space Park Review | Gameosity
Calling all starbound sightseers - Space Park is the new word in interstellar travel. In the spirit of adventure, you and your fellow players will zip around the galaxy to gather up exotic crystals and turn them in for badges proving your mettle as an explorer, all the while racing your rivals to 20 points and victory! Jess: And oh man, is the galaxy ever a sight worth seeing! The art in Space Park, from Brian Edward Miller, is some of the most awesome we've got in our collection! Space Park is, at its core, a fairly simple set collection game. The game is a point race, and the primary way you'll be earning those Exploration Points is by gathering up sets of crystals from the various board locations and then exchanging them for badges. Each turn, you will select one of the rockets (everyone can use any rocket), take the action associated with its current location, and then move that rocket to the next available space. That's it! The possible actions are: Cosmic Canyon - Gain 2