Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/15/19 | Gameosity
Each week I scour Kickstarter for the most exciting, entertaining, or oddball Kickstarters I can find and list them off here for your convenience! What caught my eye this week? Let's find out! Root: The Underworld Expansion Root is the strategy wargame that manages to get past my general dislike of strategy wargames. It's fun characters and unique design make it easy to engage and fun to play. The folks at Leder Games have been hard at work putting together a new expansion called Underworld and now you can check it out on Kickstarter. The Underworld Expansion adds new factions called The Great Underground Duchy and the Corvid Conspiracy, new maps that includes lakes and mountains, some fancy dice, and an updated rulebook. You can also pick up a new deck of alternate powers for existing factions, called the Exiles and Partisans, new vagabond meeples, and resin clearing markers during this campaign. I'm so excited for this expansion! Learn more about the new factions by visiting Root: