Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/8/19 | Gameosity
This week has been super busy, so I'm going to do a super fast list today. Sorry to be so brief, but all of these projects are worth a look! High Rise I got a chance to play High Rise with Gil before it went to Kickstarter and I gotta say it's a fantastic 3-dimensional city building game. The basic idea is that everyone is trying to construct buildings. The more floors the more points, so build em' high! The beautifully illustrated building tiles (by Kwanchai Moriya) form a satisfying skyline when the game is done. I had a really great time with it and if you like city building games then this one is well worth a look. Check out High Rise on Kickstarter here! Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Crimson Seas Valeria Card Kingdoms is a super fun tableau building game and this campaign is for the newest expansion Crimson Seas which adds new mechanics, new card types, and, anew game board called "The Islands". In this expansion you'll use maps to sail across the sea and explore new lands which