Roland Wright Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Roland Wright: The Dice Game is the newest game up on Kickstarter from Perplext, the folks behind the Pack o Games line of tiny card games. However, while Roland Wright: The Dice Game isn't at all a heavy game, it's assuredly the biggest, most ambitious design from Chris Handy - this roll and write game features a few unique twists that are cleverly innovative, and fantastic art to boot! Kickstarter Preview Alert! - This article is based on a prototype sent to us by Perplext. All artwork and images subject to change, and some of them are from the Roland Wright: The Dice Game Kickstarter campaign. Gameosity reserves the right to request a final version of the game, but we were not otherwise compensated. In Roland Wright: The Dice Game, each player is an aspiring game designer, who intends to make their dice game the best it can possibly be, by adding as many sources of design greatness as possible. You'll develop your game over a series of rounds, adding and removing components