The Quest for El Dorado Review (featuring Heroes & Hexes Expansion) | Gameosity
Recently, we did a Game in a Minute featuring The Quest for El Dorado, so there's no point in burying the lede here: The Quest for El Dorado is one of my new favorite ways of introducing people to the concept of deck building games, and it's a fun game besides! This deck building/racing hybrid does lots of little things oh so right, so let's dive into why it earned a place on my (admittedly) very packed shelves. Jess: Oh, this is a great one! So much fun, so easy to teach! Andrew: Agreed. But I feel like it stays fun after the 'gateway' phase - I know I'm always happy to give it a play. The Quest for El Dorado is, first and foremost, a race. The players are all working to get their explorer from the starting location to the titular city of El Dorado, and they will do so by moving across a variety of challenging terrain, from jungle, to river rapids, to caves, and even outpost and towns. First one to the legendary city of gold wins! Each explorer begins with an identical deck of