The Little Flower Shop Review | Gameosity
The Little Flower Shop, from Dr. Finn's Games has a lot going for it - from the serene theme, to the approachable, fun gameplay, to the lovely art, this drafting game of set collecting and floral arrangement sits lovely upon the table, inviting newcomers and seasoned gamers alike to partake in its floral pleasantness. Most definitely an approachable, family or gateway level game, The Little Flower Shop nonetheless has some strategic elements. The basics of the game are these: each player is arranging the front window of their florist shop, and the player who can most artfully combine their flowers and vases into a pleasing configuration will earn the most points and be declared the best flower shop in town! Each of The Little Flower Shop's three rounds plays out like so: each player is dealt 7 cards. These cards feature: Vases - these fill the 8 spots in your shop, and depict flowers that can be placed within, as well has the point value of that vase if filled Flowers - each vase