Holmes and Moriarty Review | Gameosity
The game is a foot! In Holmes and Moriarty, players will take on the roles of those titular foes, each one striving to outwith the other in a game of cat and mouse, as the dastardly Moriarty works to complete his evil schemes, while the wily Holmes rushes feverishly to unravel Moriarty's plans and undo the mastermind's criminal enterprises!... ...By doing some card drafting, of course. First thing's first - Holmes and Moriarty is an abstract trick-taking game. By that, we mean that the gameplay and the theme don't really intersect much - both players will be setting up a trio of 2-card hands, and facing them off to see who wins. However, we like the theme a lot - Holmes and Moriarty is a surprisingly thinky, strategic game, and what better theme for a battle of wits than this classic literary pair? Holmes and Moriarty is played out over a series of rounds, and each round follows the same mechanical structure. Each player will receive a hand of cards from which they will pick 2,