Lost Cities: Rivals Review | Gameosity
In Lost Cities: Rivals, you and your fellow expedition leaders will bravely blaze trails to exotic locales in search of lost artifacts and archaeological treasure, all the while managing your ever-dwindling budget and trying to out-do your rival explorers! Jess: Of course, since Lost Cities: Rivals is based on Lost Cities (by the same publisher and designer), all that theme is just there to make the game look pretty - Lost Cities: Rivals is a set collection and hand management game, all the way down. Andrew: And don't forget the bidding! In Lost Cities: Rivals, you will begin your career as an expedition leader with a stack of coins and a couple of wager cards. Each expedition is represented by the 5 suits of Expedition cards, which are numbered from 2 to 10 and can only be added to your personal sets in order (you're free to skip numbers, but once a card is in a set, it stays there and you can't place cards behind it). On your turn, you have a simple choice - either add a single