Chocolatiers Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Chocolatiers, headed to Kickstarter on 1/29 (here's a link to the preview page) is a set collection and tile laying game where players are the titular confectioners, each racing to make the most delicious - and attractive - sampler of chocolates possible! And no, before you ask, none of the prototype Daily Magic Games sent us for this preview was even slightly edible. Jess: ...Don't ask how we found out. Gameosity was provided a prototype for this preview, with the option of requesting a complete version of the game. We were not otherwise compensated. Also, since we're in full preview mode, all images are either not final or from the Chocolatiers Kickstarter page. From a mechanical perspective, Chocolatiers is really quite straightforward. You will begin play with a hand of three chocolate cards and three wild chocolates, and on each turn, you will choose to take two of these possible actions (including the same action twice): Take Chocolate: You can grab one chocolate card