War Chest Review | Gameosity
Today I will be doing a solo review of a 2 player game (which is kinda sad, I know). But the fact that I enjoyedWar Chest and Jess...didn't simply isn't commentary on the game or its quality - she's just not a fan of, well, exactly the sort of game that War Chest is, so she's recused herself from offering her opinion here. Confession time - early in Gameosity's history (which is to say early in my time as a tabletop gamer), I really lauded games where theme and mechanics were seamlessly integrated, and derided those that weren't. But as time has gone on, I've developed an appreciation for that great, oh-so-slightly generic genre known as 'abstracts'. You know the type - the theme doesn't matter, the goal is to win, and the mechanics are strictly utilitarian. But far from being soulless, a good abstract game tells its own tale through the virtue of its gameplay. In War Chest, that story is a classic - that of two medieval armies clashing on the (hexagonal) battlefield, each vying