The Phoenix Rises on Kickstarter This Thursday | Gameosity
What do you do for your 10th anniversary? Well tradition says you give a gift of Tin/Aluminum, which makes me think that anniversary gift advice is written by goats...but, if you are Calliope Games, you Kickstart a brand new version of Tsuro! Tsuro: Phoenix Rising continues the tile-laying tradition, but adds some new elements that make it a deeper and more exciting game. Players take turns adding tiles which move the mythical phoenix's around the board. As they reach the floating lanterns that reside on the tiles, the phoenix's use their fiery powers to turn those lanterns into stars (points). Calliope Games created a clever raised board that makes it easy to flip the double-sided tiles over without messing up the rest and through the Kickstarter you'll be able to get upgrades like additional set of Phoenix pawns, translucent Lantern markers, mini expansion, and a custom insert tray. "Over the past decade, Tsuro has cemented its place as a preeminent gateway board game for