Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager Review | Gameosity
So, we play a lot of deck builders around here. We love the genre, and so we've amassed a pile of favorites. And to find a space on that mound, where great games like Hero Realms, Clank!, and The Quest for El Dorado sit in permanent residence, a game has to do something unique. Well, Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager brings enough uniqueness to the table that it's assuredly gotten us to take notice. In Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager, players will start with a humble beginner deck, the makings of their very own supermarket. It's a classic tale of ambition - your little but growing town is just waiting to have some new commerce, and you, of course, are just as eager to line your pockets and master the art of management! But, as the Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager rulebook will warn you, you're not the only one with plans. Your opponents' stores are opening just as yours is, and it will be the manager who masters market flux, inventory management, and personnel assignment who will come out