Animal Kingdoms Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Animal Kingdoms, designed by veteran Steve Aramini, is the first game being published by Galactic Raptor Games (though Galactic Raptor is also comprised of industry vets, Carla Kopp and Dan Letzring). In it, each player is looking to gain influence over the five kingdoms, and will do so by sending their ambassadors over the course of a series of rounds, looking to gain majority. Jess: Actually, Animal Kingdoms is a mostly-abstract hand management/area influence game. The whole animal theme is pasted on, and doesn't affect gameplay at all. But oh man, is it ever gorgeous! Kickstarter Preview Alert! - Gorgeous or not, this preview is based on a (near finished) prototype copy of Animal Kingdoms, so everything is subject to change and some of our images came from the Kickstarter page. We were not compensated for this preview, though we do reserve the right to request a finished copy of the game. Animal Kingdoms is played over the course of 3 rounds. During game setup, each of the