Fairy Tile Review | Gameosity
I'll be honest - the cover of Fairy Tile sold me on it instantly. I don't normally fall victim to the admittedly-powerful effects of great cover art, but when I saw the mosaic of Miguel Coimbra's art on this relatively small box, I immediately wanted to know more. In Fairy Tile, each player is trying to build the narrative beats of the collective fantasy story that the game represents - it's a tale as old as time: Dragon gets mad and steals princess, knight goes out to rescue princess, princess escapes while dragon and knight fight. Classic. But maybe too classic? Based on the cover, I was sorta hoping for a subversion of those tropes - the princess and the dragon seem perfectly friendly on the cover, and yet there's no turn towards that in the fable. Instead, the story is pretty boiler plate, for better or worse - Princess runs, Dragon kidnaps, Knight defeats, there's a wedding. Quibbles over narrative beats aside, gameplay in Fairy Tile is indeed unique. Instead of players