KOI Review | Gameosity
I know what you're probably thinking. You're looking at the loveliness of KOI, of its components and its art, and you're thinking that this is a game that will make for a calm, relaxing time. Well buddy, that's just long as you don't have a problem with someone else eating all the dragonflies!!! Jess: Whoa, calm down dude! KOI is clearly a game of tranquil strategy, where each movement can be planned to put you in an optimal space so that everyone can benefit from the bounty of frogs and dragonflies which are drawn to this lovely pond. Andrew: ...Well, maybe you're right, maybe I just need to...HEY YOU ATE ALL THE DRAGONFLIES! Jess: Well maybe if you weren't so relaxed, you would have gotten some. In KOI, each player controls one of the titular fish. The goal of the game is to earn the most points as you swim about - points are earned by eating dragonflies and frogs, which will appear on the surface of the pond. Each round, the weather will change, forcing you