The Quacks of Quedlinberg Review | Gameosity
Ok, no sense burying the lede here - The Quacks of Quedlinberg, winner of the 2018 Kinnerspiel des Jahres, is a fantastic game and we genuinely love it. North Star Games has done us all a service by publishing it here in the US. Go buy it and have a great time. There, review done, go play The Quacks of Quedlinberg. Jess: That's both accurate and woefully inadequate, my dear. Josh: Yeah, aren't we going to talk about why it's so good? Andrew: Well ok, but let's be quick because I want to get back to actually playing it. The Quacks of Quedlinberg, named because all the players are charlatans selling what amounts to snake oil during a town festival in Quedlinberg, is a competitive push your luck style bag-building game where all players are competing to earn the most victory points over the course of the game's 9 rounds. Points are primarily earned by brewing the most elaborate potions, but can also come from the use of certain ingredients. Every player begins the game with a bag