Game in a Minute: Ravine | Gameosity
We did a really positive Kickstarter preview for Ravine, but now that we've gotten our hands on the finished copy, does it still hold up? Check out this week's Game in a Minute and find out! Suggestions based on Ravine... Ravine's key traits are that it is quick, cooperative, survival-driven, and portable. If those things appeal, you might want to consider these options as well! For cooperative gameplay: Magic Maze - This frenetic real-time cooperative sees you trying to pick up some items from a fantasy mall...which is an odd premise, but trust us, once your group takes on the challenge of cooperatively but silently moving a series of shared pawns through an ever-expanding field of tiles, you'll get why this one's a brilliant addition to your game night party pack. For the theme of survival: The Lost Expedition - This small-box survival game from Osprey Games actually surprised us with how delightfully cruel its gameplay was. Playable as competitive,