Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/21/18 | Gameosity
The holidays are upon us! Let's celebrate with some delightful Kickstarters! Chestego Game System Game systems are a cool idea. You buy one set and can play multiple games using the same pieces. Chestsgo takes this one step further by adding an app that houses the rules and acts as a scorekeeper and timer. The bits for the game are visually appealing and I like how you can snap pieces together to form different boards. Icefired Games already has 15 different games you can play with the Chestego system and are constantly working on more. You could even come up with your own! You can learn more about the Chestego system here. Folded Space - Board Game Inserts Campaign 3 I've put together many a board game organizer and most of the time there are a few constants cross the different styles: 1. Most are made of wood and laser cut. This can lead to frustration if something isn't perfectly cut. You need to carefully saw your way through the stuck part and find some sandpaper to file the