Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/7/18 | Gameosity
Friday rolls in on a hard-packed road of Kickstarters. Some may fail and some may succeed, but all shall be judged. Those lucky few that display ingenuity, graphical charisma, and a propensity for fun join the honored ranks of my weekly Kickstarter list. Welcome to the Fave Five... Boy, that got dramatic. Ok let's do this! ☕️ Chai—An Immersive Tea Board Game! I have learned a new word today "Tea-rrific" and I'm thinking it might just describe this newcard drafting/set collection game called Chai. In the game everyone plays a tea merchant who specializes in a type of tea. You'll visit the market, purchase ingredients, and try to fill your customers orders. At the end of the game players score victory points from their filled orders, leftover money, and any bonus points they may have earned. The person with the most points is by all rights a tea master and wins the game. I love the theme, the gameplay seems pretty easy to learn, and the components look