Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 11/30/18 | Gameosity
It's Friday and I'm busy checking out PAX Unplugged, but I'm never too busy to take a look at a few Kickstarters (too full of Turkey is a valid excuse, but that was last week). Let's get this list started! METAL When I think about Lay Waste Games the first thing that comes to mind is really nice components and amazing table presence. This time around they have collaborated with Jordan Draper, creator of the Tokyo series, on a game called METAL. Jordan's specialty is in tiny games. I mean sure tiny components and METAL does not disappoint. With their powers combined Jordan and Lay Waste Games have created the tiniest, most badass-looking lawn games ever. 38 solid metal pieces come in a box that is so metal you'll want to toss up the horns and start head-banging. You can play 3 classic lawn games Bocce, Kubb, and Croquet and 3 all new lawn games Not pool, Bangers!, and Team Meeting. I adore tiny thing sand this is just the keenest of beans. Hop on over to the METAL campaign on