Adventure Land Review | Gameosity
There's something wonderful about a game that does more with less, and Adventure Land by HABA is a fine example of that principal at work. Designed by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer, Adventure Land is a game possessed of straightforward mechanics that make it easy for players to drive directly towards the fun! Jess: Also, it's a game that takes place entirely on a grid, so it was important for us to get out all our 'linear' references early. Now, on to Adventure Land! Gameosity received a copy of this game for review. We weren't otherwise compensated Game publisher HABA was, and probably still is, best known for its child and family friendly games and toys. However, in the last few years it has steadily added excellent titles to its library which have started to blur the line between 'family' weight and 'hobby'; including the award-winning Karuba (and its young card game sibling), Go Cuckoo, and ROX, to name a scant few. Adventure Land continues this successful trend,