Gameosity Publisher Feature: Button Shy Games | Gameosity
So, I was getting ready to review Mint Julep, a drafting/hand management micro game from the folks over at Button Shy Games. And in wracking my brain to come up with some ingot of cleverness with which to start the review of this example of Button Shy's unique Wallet Games, the following gem tumbled into my brain: "While every game publisher is looking to separate us from the contents of our wallets, Jason Tagmire of Button Shy is at least trying to fill our wallets in return...with games!" ... Ok look, I thought it was clever. But my aptitude for linguistic brilliance aside, it did get me thinking about this small publishing house and their ongoing mission to publish games that bring big fun in their incredibly small packages. So I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about Button Shy Games, as well as provide a little review roundup for a few of their wallet games. Gameosity has received a handful of wallet games from Button Shy Games over the years, mostly as Kickstarter