Skulk Hollow Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
So the thing I love about Skulk Hollow is- Jess: Wait, already? You're not even introducing the game first? Andrew: I just really like it! But you're right, let's not skip to the end - here's an overview of Skulk Hollow. Kickstarter Preview Alert - Gameosity as provided a preview copy of Skulk Hollow, with the option of requesting a retail version later. We were not otherwise compensated for this preview. Images are either of prototype components or from the Skulk Hollow Kickstarter page. Skulk Hollow is a asymmetrical game for 2 players, and by that we mean that each player will engage the game with a different set of mechanics and victory conditions. On one side of the battle are the Foxen Heroes - bold defenders of the kingdom of Skulk Hollow. On the other, the ferocious Guardian spirits - towering monstrosities of stone, root, and fury. Each player will take on the role of one side of this pitched battle for the future of the Hollow! Each side has a series of unique