Haunt the House Review | Gameosity
In Haunt the House, you and your cadre of fellow specters find your haunted mansion being invaded by curious (if ill-fated) ghost hunters. What's a group of ghosts to do? Josh: Haunt the heck out of them, that's what! Jess: Yeah! Let's see which of us can see which of us can terrorize these goofballs the best! Well then. There you have it. Gameosity was given a copy of Haunt the House for review. We were not otherwise compensated. In Haunt the House, curious ghost hunters will show up in various rooms throughout your haunted house, and each one is only frightened by a particular combination of Scares. Jess: "Bumps, Chills, Creaks, and Moans" eh? Sounds like a pretty fun time if you ask- Andrew: FAMILY GAME. IT'S A FAMILY GAME. On each player's turn, they will either contribute Scare cards to the rooms where the Ghost Hunters explore, or they will yell BOO! to try and spook a hunter for points. When cards get added to a room, they can either be placed invisibly (face