Dreams of Tomorrow Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
When last we saw Weird Giraffe Games, they were saving books from a burning library. The time before that, they were exploring new planets and gathering up precious resources. So what's next for the game publisher with the funny little mascot and some great Kickstarter success? Why, saving our present by sending messages to our past selves via lucid dreaming, obviously! Dreams of Tomorrow is a rondel-driven set collection game, where players act as dream architects, moving their worker around the collective consciousness, gathering up precious resources and stitching together dreams from the scattered images they will acquire. Andrew: ...I mean, technically? Dreams of Tomorrow is pretty darn abstract when it comes right down to it - Jess: Oh hush with the abstract thing. It's pretty and fun and highly playable! Andrew: Well, there's that I guess, preview over!...We should probably still do the thing, though. Gameosity received a prototype of Dreams of Tomorrow for the purposes