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Brothers by Ankama is a simple tile-laying game that tells the story of two brothers fighting over how best to run their farm. One brother wants to raise rabbit-like creatures called Wabbits and the other prefers Gobballs which look an awful lot like sheep. Gameosity was provided a review copy of Brothers by Ankama. We were not otherwise compensated for this review. Jess: This family squabbling reminds me a lot of some of of reviewers arguing over how their board game libraries should be organized and let me tell you it can get quite heated. Andrew: I don't know if that's fair - I mean, who's going to get upset about- Jess: We should reorganize the collection by primary box color. Andrew: YOU MONSTER!!! THERE'S NO WAY THAT...oh. Jess: I rest my case. Anyhoo, like I said, Brothers is all about tile laying. Each player will side with one of the two brothers (or, at 4 players, you'll split into teams of 2) At the beginning of the round players will take turns placing Meadow