Into The Black Forest Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
We here at Gameosity HQ love us some trick taking games. While modern game design abounds with brilliant ideas that stretch the definition of classic game structures, there's always going to be room at our table for some of these tried-and-true mechanical cores, especially if they are accompanied by sweet art, clever design, and smart presentation. Into The Black Forest checks all those boxes. In its final week up on Kickstarter, we had the chance to put Into The Black Forest through its paces, and we're really glad we did - what we have here is a game that feels like a 'new classic' in its approach. Want to see more? Well, wrap your cloak tighter around your shoulders as we venture Into The Black Forest. Kickstarter Prototype Alert! - We received a preview copy of Into The Black Forest for the purpose of this article, with the option of requesting a finished copy later. Because the art style of the game has changed since our prototype was created, we are primarily using images