Kuzushi Review | Gameosity
As most regular readers of our reviews know, I'm a sucker for a good game in a small package. Well, the packages don't get much smaller than Kuzushi from Gobico. What we have here is a simple, accessible area control game that features just enough strategy to stay engaging despite the fact that there are more or less 2 rules in play. Your goal in Kuzushi is to win either by have majority control over the field or by emptying your hand of cards first. On each turn: Either place one of your bases into the field adjacent to another card, or you will flip over one of your flags, turning it into a base. Add flags to areas you control next to your new base. That's it. And that's plenty. Each time a base gets added to the field (either by being placed or by having a flag flipped over), you will check for control over all spaces adjacent to it. You control a space if you have the most adjacent bases to it. If, by virtue of your opponent adding a base (either by flipping a flag or