Assembly Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
For a tiny little puzzle of a game, Assembly sure does have a terrifying core premise. You and one other person are the sole survivors on an orbital spaceship assembly platform which has been not only pelted to near-destruction by a swarm of micrometeors, but whose staff has been ravaged by a virus which has killed everyone aside from you two. As the danger of the viral outbreak threatens to spread to Earth, it's up to you to cobble together an escape vessel and race back home (so your natural immunity can be used as a basis for a vaccine) - a monumental task which has been made all the more difficult by the main computer of the platform, which seems to have decided that your departure cannot be allowed, and your air supply is rapidly running out... Andrew: Wow, that's a lot of things that went wrong all at once! Jess: Yeah, it's been what you call a 'rough morning' on that space platform. But interestingly, though Assembly might have a white-knuckle premise, the gameplay itself