Pigment Review | Gameosity
Pigment is a fairly straightforward 1-3 player worker placement game - from designer Michael Epstein and publisher Copper Frog Games - that bases its theme around renaissance painting - specifically the act of painting, during what may or may not be the Renaissance period. In practice, this takes the form of occupying "Bazaar Cards" (i.e. action spaces) using one of two workers, then utilizing the actions on those occupied cards to stockpile the pigments that are needed to complete some sweet-ass paintings. Gameosity received a review copy of this game. We were not otherwise compensated. Diana: This was pretty easy to get into, but I feel like we played something very similar a while back that we had more fun with. Rob: I think you're right. It was probably Starving Artist, which had a very similar approach to collecting paint resources and using them to complete paintings. Diana: Yeah, I definitely think I like Starving Artist more - it had more going on, and I feel like it