Supertall – A Tiny Tower-building Game Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Well, Button Shy is at it again! The purveyors of all games micro are currently running a Kickstarter for Supertall (which is already superfunded), a new wallet game from Nat Levan (who brought us a whale of a game in New Bedford). The newest in Button Shy's line of Wallet Games (which describes their typical method of conveyance), Supertall is a puzzly little game for 2-3 that lasts about 15 minutes. It continues the Button Shy tradition of fast and light gameplay, but does this skyscraper-building card game stand up tall among its micro-peers? Let's take a closer look and find out! Gameosity received a prototype copy of this game. All images here are either of that prototype or stolen from the Kickstarter Page. In Supertall, each player is going to be building either 2 or 3 skyscrapers (depending on player count), using the cleverly multi-use cards to either add floors to their towers or to manipulate the cards in towers (both theirs and their opponents). Each