Days of Discovery: Tales of Danger #1 Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Days of Discovery: Tales of Danger #1 is the first in a new series of games by indie designer Matt Worden. Up on Kickstarter right now, Days of Discovery takes on the lofty challenge of translating the thrill of setting off on an adventure into the unknown and distilling it into nothing more than a deck of cards. Matt Worden has managed to make car racing fun, so I think he's probably capable of anything, but how does Days of Discovery hold up? Let's get this Kickstarter Preview started so we can discuss! **Kickstarter Preview Alert! - All images are of prototype components or stolen from the campaign!** Describing Days of Discovery in broad strokes is both easy enough and yet also a bit misleading. At its core, Days of Discovery is a hand management/set collection game, where players are all explorers who are preparing to seek glory and fortune by setting sail into the unknown. However, immediately, we must caveat that Days of Discovery is really three games in one - the arc of