Stormcrest Games Partner With Volante Design for Board Game Fashion | Gameosity
Stormcrest Games is the publisher of the cyberpunk, collectible card game Master of Wills. Using their faction decks, players try to get citizens of the Community to join their side and fight against their opponents. Joshua Calloway's art for Master of Wills is super slick and portrays a wold of asymmetrical hemlines, bold pops of color, and... am I talking about fashion? You bet I am! Stormcrest Games has announced they are partnering up with fashion company, Volante Design, in creating a line of clothing based on the clothes depicted in Master of Wills! I am a huge fan of Volante Design's work so this is a really neat crossover! How did these two companies come together? Well I spoke with Joshua Calloway, Art Director/Lead Artist for Stormcrest Games as well as Willow Elise Volante, CEO of Volante Design, about this exciting project. Jess: Ok I've seen a lot of team ups between video game companies, authors, and artists with board game designers, but this is the first time I've