Sprawlopolis Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
We love Button Shy - Jason Tagmire's family-run small game company has found a niche (hah) with its wallet-sized micro-games, and they do a good job of curating a wide variety of pocket-sized titles with a wide variety of themes and mechanics. One of our favorites, Circle the Wagons, is a clever drafting/placement game with fantastic replayability, thanks to a wide variety of randomly chosen scoring objectives. Designed by Steven Aramini, Danny Devine, and Paul Kluka, Circle the Wagons is a great, light, go-anywhere card drafting micro that has had a permanent spot in my backpack since I got our copy. Well, I think it's got some competition on the horizon. Sprawlopolis is clearly inspired by the core concepts behind Circle the Wagon (which makes sense, coming from the same designer trio), however, Sprawlopolis eschews any thoughts of competitive drafting, instead touting itself as a 'solo & cooperative' city building game. Promising a filling experience despite its micro