A Post on Gaming, and Humanity, and Hate | Gameosity
Hi. I want to talk to you about something. And it's unpleasant. And I'm not going to be particularly cool about it. I'm going to use some pretty aggressive language. I'm going to speak in absolute terms. I'm going to show you some upsetting pictures, or at least pictures which should upset you. This is going to be some serious shit. Like, 'blatant racism and misogynist' shit. See there? Already bumped this article up to PG-13. It's going to get a lot worse by the time I'm done. I want you to stay with me, because I think this is worth talking about, but I didn't want to spring any of this nastiness on you without a bit of a warning, ok? Cool? Cool. So, again, hi. Andrew here. I'm that guy in the orange dot you glanced over when you started reading this article. I'm the main reviewer and chief editor of Gameosity, and with the exception of Jess' wildly prolific news coverage, very little appears on our tiny corner of the internet without me having touched it in some way.