Interview with Forsaken Forest's Designer: Alec Nezin | Gameosity
Up on Kickstarter today, Alec Nezin's Forsaken Forest is a new twist on the social deduction genre. The game is a tense battle between the Villagers and the Forsaken and with their roles a closely kept secret, it will take some strategic thinking to suss out your enemies. Adding complexity to what is usually a rules-light roleplaying experience is intriguing and I wanted to know more, so I spoke with Alec to get a better understanding of Forsaken Forest. Jess: There are many hidden role games on the market right now, what makes Forsaken Forest unique? Alec: Social deduction started with Mafia and Werewolf. In terms of gameplay, these games are extremely talking/arguing heavy. There is simply no information to go off besides intuition and social cues. As the social deduction genre has evolved, more and more decision making mechanics have been included in recent iterations. Talking is fun, but often social deduction games don't feel like a game. Forsaken Forest adds: A Game Board and