Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Releasing At Gen Con | Gameosity
Bézier Games has announced that Ultimate Werewolf Legacy will be released at this years' Gen Con and is currently available for preorder. In Ultimate Werewolf everyone plays the inhabitants of a village trying to discover who among them might be a secret werewolf. The werewolves on the other hand are trying to eat as many people as they can before having their identities discovered. According to Bézier Games: Ultimate Werewolf Legacy raises the tension and increases the impact of decisions made by the players, as everything that happens will impact future games. Players are each given a public Family Card in addition to their secret role card, and will team up with the other members of their family to work together... unless one or more of their family members is secretly working against them. Players can earn special abilities that carry over between games as well. The Legacy aspect of the game isn't limited to player evolution, however, as the village itself will change over time