Outpost Siberia Review – A Cold Day In Hell | Gameosity
We've said it before - we (generally) love a good cooperative game around here. And most cooperative games are downright mean - Pandemic sometimes just aims its boot at your throat and stomps, Ghost Stories can feel like drowning, and The Lost Expedition...::shudder:: Andrew: So, it's no big barrier of entry for us when we say that a co-op game is challenging - that goes with the territory, and we actually love that! The challenge is often the good part. Jess: But when it comes to Outpost: Siberia from IDW, well, this might be a case of too much of a good thing. Outpost: Siberia is a small-box card game, where the players must work together to endure being trapped in a research facility in the Siberian tundra. As your team of scientists and explorers grinds their way through the encounter deck, they will scavenge for supplies, fight off hungry predators, and desperately try to stay fed and warm. This is unlikely to work out in their favor. Andrew: Right up front, let's mention