5 Games to Help Strengthen & Explore Relationships | Gameosity
It's Valentine's Day and crafting an amazing, board-game filled date night can be easy and fun. All you need is your playmate, a generally flat surface, and a pile of your favorite shared games to make for an awesome evening of gaming fun! But maybe you want to take things a bit further. Maybe, instead of a playful, light affair, you're looking for deeper, more meaningful board game connections. Well, have I got a list for you! Here are 5 great games that might help you not just play together, but actually develop a closer connection with your playmate. And hey, this isn't just about romance - platonic relationships of all sorts can have fun with the following awesome games for 2! Okey Dokey A silly little card game about animals playing music doesn't sound very thought provoking does it? And yet, Okey Dokey can be a fun way to learn more about how your playmate communicates and foster trust between each other. Okey Dokey is a cooperative, hand management game where players