Dirigible Disaster Review | Gameosity
Isn't it funny how, in some games, cubes are a good thing, and in others, cubes are a bad thing? I mean, it's fascinating, how we arbitrarily assign value to these simple geometric shapes, and in doing so add a tremendous variety to - Jess: WOULD YOU STOP PONTIFICATING, PLEASE?!? The main deck is on fire, we've got steam leaking from the engines, and - Josh: Gears loose on the lower deck and passengers on the observation deck are starting to panic! THERE ARE CUBES EVERYWHERE AND WE NEED TO FIX EVERYTHING!!! ...Welcome to Dirigible Disaster. To look at Dirigible Disaster, to take in its cubes, its dice, the modest (but well-made) board, you would be forgiven for not immediately thinking of it as a coiled viper, ready to strike. The premise is delightfully simple - the titular dirigible, the Aerclanken (say it out loud), is about to embark on its inaugural voyage, and we, the players, are tasked with making sure that the ship and its passengers arrive intact and without issue.