Swamped Review | Gameosity
Rob: I think I'm always going to prefer cooperative board games over competitive ones, but I sometimes like it when my co-op games also have a slight competitiveness to them. Diana: Um... Police Precinct? Dead of Winter? Those ringing any bells? Rob: Okay, I like it when it's done well. Swamped - from designers Jonathan Logan, Benjamin Gerber, and Dennis Hoyle, and publisher Bellwether Games - is a rather compact competitive co-op game where one to four players try to collect precious (and valuable) specimens from a swamp while also trying to avoid becoming lunch for a very large crocodile. Collecting the Kingsfoil herb is the primary goal, with the game ending once enough specimens are gathered and the boat exits the swamp, but everyone has their own personal goals that they're trying to complete as well. So while all players do want the Kingsfoil, they'll likely end up fighting over everything else. Diana: This game was not easy to get into. Rob: Yeah, sorry. Some of that was