Ravine Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
The night is cold and dark and terrifying, and we may not make it. Those of us who survived the crash though of ourselves as incredibly lucky. But our injuries make foraging difficult, the weather keeps changing wildly, and there is this rising, unspoken feeling between us that there is something wrong here, something we can't quite explain. And some of us are starting to crack... **Kickstarter Prototype Alert! - We were provided a prototype of Ravine for this preview. Photos are either of that prototype or stolen from the Kickstarter Page** Ravine, from Mathew Sisson, is a game all about atmosphere, which may sound surprising when one considers the relatively spartan components. Built of nothing more than a deck of starkly beautiful cards and a few laser-etched wooden tokens, Ravine is an aesthetically & mechanically simple cooperative game. Jess: The premise is similarly straightforward - you and your fellow players have endured a horrific plane crash, and must survive