Outbreak: Undead RPG Interview With Ivan Van Norman | Gameosity
Hey there roleplaying fans! We have a treat for you today. I got a chance to chat with Ivan Van Norman, an awesome game master and host on Geek & Sundry with shows like Sagas of Sundry and Game the Game. He answered a few questions about his game Outbreak: Undead, an ENnie award-winning RPG where you play as yourself in the zombie apocalypse. The campaign is for the 2nd edition, which updates the rules and offers backers higher quality components including two 350 page full-color hardback books; a players guide and GMs guide. Outbreak: Undead focuses less on the zombies and more on survival. This game will allow you to tell stories about the struggles people face in a new and dangerous world. Outbreak: Undead is the perfect game for anyone who likes to fantasize about those survivalist situations in a land overrun by the undead as you literally play yourself (My plan is to hole up in a Home Depot and start a farm on the roof). Hunter's Books even offers a tool called S.P.E.W.