By Order of the Queen Review | Gameosity
So, if you're a fan of Gameosity a) we love you and you're awesome forever, and b) you may have picked up on the fact that some of us really enjoy cooperative games, and Jess and I are first and foremost among them. Though they aren't always everyone's cup of tea, a tough-as-nails co-op is my idea of a good time. So it is with that context that I say that I really enjoyed By Order of the Queen. Set in the kingdom of Tessandor, the players of By Order of the Queen will take on the roles of adventurer guilds, all of whom must work together at the behest of the titular monarch. The king has fallen in battle and now it is up to us to organize the heroes of Tessandor to defend it against invading foes. Jess: Right off the bat, By Order of the Queen wins me over with its theme and presentation. Medieval fantasy is an often- done (probably over-done) genre, but the art and personality of By Order of the Queen let me get excited about it immediately! I mean, I want to know more about