The Lost Expedition Review – Choose your own misadventure | Gameosity
The jungle doesn't like you. It's that simple. It is ancient and alive and brutally dangerous, and it doesn't like you. And in The Lost Expedition, you and your band of brave (if lacking in survival instinct) explorers will do their best to hack, swim, climb, and (very likely) die their way through the jungle on the way to discovering the Lost City of Z. Andrew: Let's meet our party, shall we? I present Candido, Ynes, and Teddy! Jess: Yeeeah, let's not get too attached. In The Lost Expedition, your crew has one simple mission - survive their trip through the jungle in order to discover the Lost City of Z. And to begin with, your team will be healthy, well-supplied, and enjoying life pre-leech-infestation. Andrew: None of that's going to last. Jess: Nope! Also, just fyi, we're going to be focusing on the co-op game for this review, but the solo and competitive games work virtually identically (we'll go over the differences later). Gameplay consists of two main phases. In