Talking About Archmage with Timothy Heerema | Gameosity
Game Salute's new area control game about mages in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Archmage, has beaten its Kickstarter target and is now in stretch goal territory. The game is gorgeously illustrated by Enggar Adirasa and has some neat mechanics that make it really appealing. To get a look behind the scnenes of developing Archmage, I spoke with the designer, Timothy Heerema. Jess: Hi Timothy! Thanks for talking with me today. I see you're a doctor as well as a designer. How did you get into game design? Timothy: I love being a rural family doctor. It offers a unique and treasured insight into the lives of my patients. I feel very blessed to do what I do. However, there are days when I get home and its hard to shake off the day's troubles, and there are nights when I can't sleep due to constant flipping of my schedule from days to nights and back again. I needed to find an enjoyable hobby that was engaging enough to pull my brain away from work. I have always loved to play games.