Norsaga: Odds and Endings Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
A while back, we previewed Norsaga, which had itself a successful romp across Kickstarter and generated a very beautifully presented take-that style card game. On 5/30, the folks at Meromorph Games will be heading back to the crowdsourcing well to Kickstart Norsaga: Odds and Endings, a small pack of modular expansions for this color-matching, backstabbing little game. **Prototype stuff! Though the quality of the art makes it hard to believe, these are prototype components! We've also stolen some images from the KS page** Without rehashing our review of the original, Norsaga is a game all about telling a boastful tale of your ancestry, to prove how you are the hero of the saga of blah blah blah, look, it's an abstract color matching game, with a big emphasis on player interaction. You will build an ever-shifting family tree of cards, racing to be the first to move all the traits you need to win into the tree before your opponents can manage to do the same. First player to move all