Dog Might Games Dragon Sheath Review | Gameosity
I've been a roleplayer for many years now. The sheer amount of dice I own is quantifiably ridiculous, as there is no possible way I could ever use all of them in one sitting. I've stored my dice in the hard plastic boxes they come in, Altoids tins, bags, and a variety of other improvised conveyances, but rarely do I treat my dice to a true dice box. Maybe that's why they always roll like crap. Recently I got to try out Dog Might Game's Dragon Sheath; a deluxe hand-crafted dice box, perfect for spoiling the heck out of your favorite gaming dice, possibly in the vain hope that they will stop betraying you during critical moments of your game. Right off the bat I have to say, these might not suit everyone. Dog Might Games pieces are absolutely luxury items. You're going to be spending good chunk of change on one of these, and depending on your feelings, these boxes are either a bit of a waste or a spectacular investments. Andrew: I'm in the "bit of a waste" camp. Jess: And I think these