Masterpiece Meeple Corner – A Conversation with Nolan Nasser | Gameosity
Welcome back to Masterpiece Meeple Corner! This month we are sitting down with Nolan Nasser, the brilliant artist who has worked on the fantastic games Fate of the Elder Gods and New Bedford just to name a couple. Diana: Nolan, thank you so much sitting down with us today. For starters, how did you first get started creating art for board games? Nolan: In 2014 a friend sent me a call for artists that Greater than Games had put out looking for artists for Spirit island. That ended up being my first gig in the gaming industry, and it could not have been a better introduction. They're an absolutely fantastic company to work for. The best part about this is the friend that sent me the call for artists is friends with Christopher Badell (one of the owners of GtG) and my friend offered to put in a good word for me with him. So this whole time I'm sitting here thinking I lucked into this position because I happened to know someone. Well I asked Christopher when I met him in 2015, and he