Masterpiece Meeple Corner – A Conversation With Stephen S. Gibson | Gameosity
Welcome art fans to Masterpiece Meeple Corner our monthly article where we interview another amazing board game artist. This month we are talking with the talented Stephen S. Gibson, an artist new to the board game community. Diana: Stephen, what inspired you to become an artist? Stephen: Well, the first time I remember getting excited about art was seeing my oldest sister sketching a portrait of Marvel's Venom. I just though it was super cool she could do that and realized *I* could do that too! So I went and grabbed my wolverine action figure and started tracing him on some paper and filling in details. I was probably 6 or 7 at the time. From then on, drawing was just the easiest way to portray and express my imagination, which was wildly active. Heck, it was a lot of fun too. ;) Diana: What, if any, formal art training do you have? Stephen: Formally, I did a 3 year program at Humber College in Toronto for "3D Animation, Art and Design". They taught us everything from modelling,